Our Staff

The Staff of Chiropractic Partners, S.C.

At Chiropractic Partners, S.C., we strive to deliver supportive patient care for all in a caring environment. Our organized, efficient staff is committed to excellence. You’ll discover that all of us are friendly, professional, and eager to help in any way we can.

Our doctors, along with their licensed and certified assistants, and massage therapists are at your service to ensure that you receive the finest chiropractic health care treatment anywhere.


Chiropractic Assistant & Certified Yoga instructor

Christy is Chiropractic Partners, S.C.’s certified Yoga instructor, as well as a Chiropractic assistant. she aids in the treatment of clinic patients, ans i strained and certified through the state of Wisconsin in the administration of physical therapy modalities and in the techniques of plain film radiography. whether it is in teaching the fundamentals of Yoga, demonstrating rehabilitation exercises or educating patients about chiropractic, Christy is valuable in helping patients obtain their health goals.

Beth and Kaitlyn


Beth and Kaitlyn are the front desk receptionists at Chiropractic Partners, S.C. and the first contact many of you will have at our office.

They perform a variety of duties such as patient scheduling, answering general insurance questions, and maintaining all aspects of record-keeping including HIPAA guidelines.

They help coordinate the patient flow throughout our facility.


Insurance Coordinator

Adrianna is Chiropractic Partners, S.C.’s insurance coordinator and is an information resource for new and current patients.

With today’s fast-changing health care, it is essential to stay on top of the changes and policies created by insurance companies.

Adrianna knows that various health care policies can be complicated and confusing for people who are looking for the best health care available with a minimal out-of-pocket expense.


Massage Therapist

Rebecca has joined our office as a licensed massage therapist and a nutritional therapy practitioner skilled in and practicing various methods of massage therapy including relaxation, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, prenatal, and raindrop technique.

Common areas most people come to her for are neck, shoulder, and back issues, but she can help with arm, leg, and hip issues as well.

As a nutritional therapy practitioner, she helps those who suffer from anxiety and depression by supporting their emotional wellbeing through nutrition and lifestyle management.

She also helps those who struggle with digestive issues and blood sugar imbalances.